5 Things to know about Yard Signs

yard signs
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There are some key things to know when ordering yards signs and we are going to run through them.

Use outdoor rated material

A good vendor for yard signs near me is very important. The first thing you need to check is that the custom sign company your hire is using outdoor rated material. There are many ways to make these signs. If you want your 18 x 24 yard signs to have any type of outdoor longevity it is important the base material of the yard sign is water proof and weather proof. We use a material called coroplast. But some companies might call it corex, corrugated plastic or fluted plastic. Companies like Office depot printing might use more generic material. For semi permanent signs you can use custom metal signs as the base material

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yard sign in use

Use outdoor rated Ink

The next thing to make sure is that your custom sign company is printing the yard sign with outdoor ink. To build a sign a good yard sign you need yo use the right printing ink. There are tons of different large format digital printing machines and all print with different ink systems. Some are made to print for outdoors and some are not. Make sure when you are ordering you ask the printer, like the printer of a fast signs store custom sign store, what type of ink he is using and how long the ink is rated for outdoors. A good outdoor ink for yard signs should be 2 years durable at the minimum.


Who uses Yard Signs

The use of yard signs are a great tactic in lead generation. Strategically placed ads can reach a lot of people, which can lead to more potential clients or customers. For sale signs used by real estate agents ( real estate yard signs)  and home owners and election signs for politicians ( political yard signs) are all popular uses for yard signs. It’s an effective way of delivering an ad and getting your message out there to your local market.

Fab Visuals 18x24_rectangle_yard_sign_h-300x300 5 Things to know about Yard Signs

Fab Visuals Yard Sign Service

Fab Visuals takes care of your yard sign needs.  The Yard sign size are typically is available in 4 mm corrugated plastic and offered in two sizes: 12″ x 18″ and 18″ x 24″. We can make custom sign orders if your really want something out of the ordinary. Yard sign size can go up to 24″ x 36″ but thats quite large and open to be blown over by the wind and heavy weather. Stakes are also offered, which can be used to keep your yard signs secured. Order from a single sign to 500 pieces. The material we use on our custom yard signs has excellent weather durability so you don’t have to worry come rain or shine. 


Yard sign marketing works 

If you can convert views into leads and customers. Make sure the content is simple and easy to read. The Design should only have a few colors and they should contrast and stand out. Put your phone number and call to action large and yard signs. If you are a marketing company you can contact us about whole sale yard signs.