Wall Coverings

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Adhesive Graphics

Adhesive Graphics are one of the main materials we use when creating wall coverings. Todays adhesive graphics can adhere to almost any surface and make for a fairly easy installation. Adhesive graphics can be temporary or long lasting based on need.

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Media Backdrops and temporary signage is best with Adhesive Graphics

Quick application such as for a promotion or a event is easy with adhesive graphics. Adhesive graphics also install easier then most wall coverings as there is no glue paste. So if time is important this method would be ideal.

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Wall Paper comes plain or in several different surface textures.

Wall coverings have evolved a lot over the last 20 years from the digital material perspective. Wide format digital printing machines and their inks are formulated for many surface textures and wall paper materials. These textures give designers unique choices to express their design ideas.

From energetic entry ways to compelling conference spaces, Fab Visuals thinks beyond a painted wall and delivers an exceptional and memorable vision. We unleash our creativity and take the ordinary to the extraordinary.


  • Adhesive Murals
  • Wall Paper
  •  Hand Painted Murals