5 Great reasons to use tension fabric displays in 2022

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Tension fabric displays have gained popularity over the last few years. The basic trade show displays that we have seen for years have now been designed to receive high resolution printed tension fabric graphics. Why are these graphics the trend of the future? Whats is a tension fabric display? Tension fabric displays refer to trade show booths that use a special stretch fabric that when woven uses material that make the fabric have give or stretch or some call it fabric hand. These fabric material all have good hand.

Having good hand means the fabric won’t wrinkle and is soft to the touch. One added benefit with stretch fabric is that it will want to snap back to its natural lay when pressure pulls on the material.

Reason why tension fabric has gained popularity.

  • Fabric is a lightweight material
  • Ships well very hard to damage
  • Can make large pieces with no seams
  • Prints high resolution extremely well
  • Excellent for backlit graphics

Fabric is light weight

In the past trade show booths have been incredibly expensive to ship and also very expensive to receive ( something called drayage ) but with the rise of fabric displays, trade show backdrops, trade show displays and portable trade show set ups are much reasonable with this regard. Fabric graphics and tension fabric trade show displays are incredibly light.

Shipping a tension fabric displays is most cost effective.

Where as in the past a graphic panel could weigh hundreds of pounds a tension fabric display only weighs a few pounds. Your business can make a custom trade booth that may weigh less than a 100 lbs. in total where before that same booth might weigh over 500 lbs. or maybe even 1000 lbs. Want to change or update graphic panels in your tension fabric booth no problem. An entire panel can fit packed tight into a small fed ex box and when the panel hung up it looks amazing every time. Take a look at some of the great banner stands, portable trade shows and more with our 2022 online catalog

Fab Visuals SEGO-Lightbox-Configuration-E-10ft.x10ft.-Double-Sided-Graphic-Package_1 5 Great reasons to use tension fabric displays in 2022

Seamless graphics up to 15′

Seams in a large branded message can be distracting and cause the onlooker to not clearly pick up your message. You also don’t want to have a seam running across a models face or a new clothing product your are launching. With the ability to use tension fabric displays these unsavory seams are no longer a concern.

Fabric graphics print in amazing high resolution.

When fabric printing started around 15 years ago or more the quality of the printing was just not there. Machines would have all types of issues. One of the worst issues was low resolution graphics. Big splotchy dots, bad jaggy straight lines and the color depth was just bad. But that problem has long gone by the way side. Tension fabric has come a long way and is now the leader is big graphic imaging today. When you walk through the mall you see giant, richly saturated high resolution graphics at every corner. These are the preferred method to make graphics

Fabric backlit graphics look amazing.

Just like resolution was a problem with fabric printing, the digital ink, the heat transfer methods and the entire production process that would give tension fabric it’s saturation needed for great back lit graphics was all pretty poor. But as with the rest of the process this has all evolved. No longer are graphics without color depth. Backlit fabric printing is now amazing and surpassed many of the other digital production methods. When you considered all the other factors such as weight, durability the only answer for big graphics today is tension fabric.