7 Simple Trade Show Giveaways Best For 2022


This is a list of 7 simple trade show giveaways best for 2022:

A big part of conducting trade shows is giving out small useful stuff for free as a memorandum for your business. This phenomenon is known as a Trade Show Giveaway and its been in practice for quite a long time.

While many people would consider giveaways to be an unnecessary gimmick that only adds to the enormous expenses you already undertake while running a trade show. Don’t be mistaken!

Giveaways are in fact an integral part of building trust with your customer base. Many studies found the positive impact giveaways play in building customer trust.

Many research studies suggest that giving out useful daily items to your customers can actually increase their chances of buying products from you.

Matt Powers talks about this in a post called the science behind giveaways, where he explains the innate ability of giveaways to increase brand recognition.

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This is perfectly reflected in his post

Some important things to keep in mind when choosing giveaway items:

  1. Price: You wouldn’t wanna spend to much on things that you’ll giveaway for free
  2. Pershiability: The product needs to non-preshiable so as to keep the reciveiver in loop for longer periods of time
  3. Advertisment oppurtunity: The product being given away needs to be printable with the company logo
  4. Visibility: The product in question should be visible to a large amount of people, not just the receiver
  5. Usability: The more useful the item the higher likelihod of the reciepient to keep it

That’s why today I have brought a list of 7 simple trade show Giveaways that you can give away in your trade shows, let’s check them out:

Trade Show Giveaways

Mugs and Cups:

Cups are especially good giveaways items for a couple of reasons. First, off they are non-perishable, which means that they will garner attention for longer periods of time than something like soap or a food item. Secondly, cups are easily affordable to produce and are extremely useful household items.

Cups with printed logo designs have been given out for over 50 years now.

Teddy Bear:

Who doesn’t love a sweet and cuddly little teddy bear? Especially when you receive it for free. Teddy bears are associated with feelings of comfort and happiness. Which makes them an amazing giveaway item.

So be sure to include teddy bears in your next trade show as a giveaway item.


Next is a common giveaway item, the calendar. Affordable to print in mass and highly distributable, calendars can definitely work well as your next mass giveaway item.

The calendar is used as a giveaway by many popular companies namely IKEA, Walmart, Amazon, and even Tesla.


A printed T-shirt is a perfect giveaway item. Not only is it cheap to print it also has a high visibility rate. Printed tees have worked so well as a brand recognition tactic. Many popular YouTubers like Logan Paul, David Dobrik, etc have been seen giving out printed tees.

Car stickers:

Car stickers are another example of cheap yet high-visibility giveaway items. They are seen by multiple people so it’s important that you include your companies contact info when printing car stickers.


A clock works well as a giveaway item because of a few reasons. Many people are likely to watch it and the recipients are highly likely to use them in their households.

The clock might get obsolete in the next few years as more and more people have access to mobile handsets, which are much better predictors of time.

Water Bottle:

Simple and convenient, water bottles can be great giveaway items. You can increase the likelihood of them being used by adding straws and built-in diffusers.

You can also increase the item usage by designing it for specific purposes like gyming or running etc.


This was a list of 7 simple trade show giveaways you can give out to your booth visitors.

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