Best Signs and Awnings Company Long Island, 5 pro tips for success

Best Sign and Awnings Company Long Island

Fab Visuals is the Commercial Awnings Leader and here is why ?

Fab Visuals 5603bcc7-a3be-4696-a8e2-e908ea1426f4-768x768 Best Signs and Awnings Company Long Island, 5 pro tips for success

Best Signs and awnings Company Long Island | Fab Visuals Signs and Awnings, a New York based custom sign company is located just outside NYC. A densely populated area, Long Island if it was a state by itself it could have one of the nations top 10 economies. This fish shape land mass has the North Fork at the top of the tail and the Hamptons and Montauk on the bottom of the tail. Long Island is made up of many diverse economies and businesses that compete for buyers non stop. Nassau County

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Buying Signs and Awnings on Long Island and what you need to know .

Long Island has unusual tastes when it comes to design and there are many rules and regulations depending where on Long Island your are located. Townships Like North Hempstead who governs over Roslyn had many regulations about what type of signage is allowed.

So Tip # 1 is to buy from a Long Island Sign Company that knows Long Island.

A Long Island sign pro is going to know the ins and outs of buying signage on Long Island. They are going to know what towns allow what signage so you won’t have problems with your town once your signs are installed.

Tip # 2 is to make sure your sign fits in with the area or town like East Hampton, Long Island.

There are many different economies on Long Island what happens in Long Beach is not what is accepted in East Hampton. The styles of signs vary from area to area and it’s important to design a sign that fits in with that area on Long Island. There maybe many reverse lit halo channel signs in Huntington but there are none in East Hampton. Thats because East Hampton won’t allow it and you will probably scare away the high end buyers as well.

Tip # 3 make sure your sign materials will last.

Long Island can have some difficult elements to deal with during the year. Most store front signs are going to be installed properly and according to code. But during hurricane season all Long Islanders know that it is very possible the Island can experience extreme weather conditions. Making banners that have sewn in webbing and reinforced grommets is something that pro sign makers will offer its clients. We use mesh banners for lots of large outdoor banners.

Our large mesh banners are made to withstand the harshest elements. We reinforce all hems with folded over hems and heavy duty webbing welded in. Yes welded in.

Tip # 4 make sure you banner hems are welded not sewn for outdoor banners, here’s why.

There is typically 3 or 4 ways to finish banners.

  • Cut the edges and pop in some grommets – Total fail will happen – run from these guys
  • Fold over the edges and use banner tape- this is actual not bad but the banner tape adhesive will fail over time.
  • Sew the edges with a thread using a sewing machine- This is another good way but what happens over time is the perforation from the needle will make it easy for the banner to start tearing
  • Lastly Banner welding, by far the superior way to make banners. By using this method you will get durable and long lasting mesh and vinyl banners.

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Mesh banner for Otsego park, half hollow hills

Tip # 5 for buying great signs Long Island

Find a sign company that will respond to your needs. They take the time to come meet you, look at your place of business and get a good feel for what your company is all about. Great signage is developed in a partnership between the Long Island Sign Company you select and your marketing team. Communication between the design team and sign buyer is what makes the sign project turn out exactly what you thought it would, or perhaps even better.

 Fab Visuals Signs and Awnings Located in Suffolk County, New York is here for all your signage needs.