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Outdoor Signs Suffolk County Long Island with Fab Visuals

Fab Visuals is one of the leading sign fabricators in New York. When it comes to design we are in the elite group of award winning sign designers, Great creative, awesome customer service, super clean Installation and local permits is what our company offers. We visit each and every job site and meet with you to discuss your ideas. We work with your local town regulations to make sure your project meets all the necessary requirements.

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Building Custom Channel Letters

Every new project gets set up in our shop and is tested before the project goes out for installation. Our team crafts each sign with care so when they arrive to your site they look and work perfect. Quality is a standard for us as we know business signs not only need to look great but perform great 

Channel Letters for Business Signs

Day or night Channel Letters or sometimes called commercial signs will vibrantly display your Logo or business name. These signs can be custom made to any shape or size. At Fab Visuals we are all about custom signs for business. 

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Illuminated Channel Letters 

Illuminated signs come in several different styles. Internally illuminated, halo lit, halo lit with front illumination are possible ways to manufacture a store front sign. Halo lighting is where light is projected from the rear of the letter logo against the wall, the sign is attached to giving a glow effect. This effect is controlled by the distance the letter is set off the wall.

Commercial Awnings For Businesses

We build all Types of Commercial Awnings. Our custom awnings can serve as signs for your brand or canopies to cover walk ways.

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Suffolk County Channel Letter Sign Installation

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