One-Stop Guide to Choosing Dimensional Signs

Dimensional Signs
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You may already know that dimensional signs are a versatile branding and marketing asset. Once a client enters your office and especially when that potential client walks in for the first time, first impressions are lasting impressions. 3D sign lettering or raised acrylic lettering will be a high impact custom signage choice for any business. Custom signs that are raised metal signs, raised acrylic signs, raised wood signs are all great office decor wall choices. These signs can be primed and painted or other custom sign finishing options are available. So here are several of top five dimensional sign tips that might help you get the right dimensional signs  for your business.


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Fab Visuals IMG_1560-768x576 One-Stop Guide to Choosing Dimensional Signs

Dimensional Letters for office branding 

As a business owner, you need to know that your brand is everything, brand recognition is an important aspect office branding. When your clients come for meetings it sets the tone from the minute they walk in the door. There are many styles and material you can choose from and Fab Visuals will help guide its clients through the design phase, production phase and more.

Contrasted Colors work great on Custom Metal Signs

Dimensional letters in New York can also be a great choice for custom signs. Dimensional signs are best made by a custom signage company near me. Whether you have wall mounted signs  or hanging custom signs that incorporate your company’s name in a creative and memorable way your brand presented as a high impact sign is key.  Custom signs are so important today. Make sure you find the right custom signage company near you that will get the job done right.


Combining Acrylic and Metal Letters for Effective Lobby Signage

You may want to emphasize the logo font and color combination for dimensional signage that defines your brand. You can use acrylic, metal, PVC, or sign foam since these materials work  great for custom sign solutions. 
For example, insurance providers prefer acrylic with glossy finishes to emphasize that they offer creative product solutions. Typically, companies in the legal fields prefer legal signs to be metal while on the other hand, physicians signs are a different material choice. However, they frequently choose acrylic or sign foam clad with aluminum facings. The graphic communication service provider can get you a customized solution. They can shape a logo symbol with the material you choose or can present it with imprinted vinyl on board,


Fab Visuals 96c029_9926f0f9ad5744428b023ec0d3c3f48a_mv2 One-Stop Guide to Choosing Dimensional Signs
Fab Visuals IMG_0892-768x576 One-Stop Guide to Choosing Dimensional Signs

Dos and Don’ts regarding Dimensional Letters and Logos

· Do: Invite your custom signage company to visit the  site setting. This will help them get an accurate site survey. It will let them take measurements and ensure that the letters are in the right proportion with the features of the wall. For the outdoor setups, it will let the technicians size the letters according to the best viewing locations and to see if there are any issues blocking sign installation.

· Do not: You should not pick a super high gloss finish where there is a lot of light that will shine off your sign project. The ambient light on the wall where the signage will be going is important to decided on the finish displaying letters that do not contrast well. If the brand color and wall the tones are too similar, experts recommend installing style elements that will bring in a contrast color. It will work well with the wall and lettering colors. This practice assures clear visibility of your dimensional signs on Long Island. 

· Do not: You should not be afraid of sign foam. Sign foam is a highly durable, budget-friendly, and very versatile sign material that will provide you with years of service. In fact, this will be an appropriate choice when you want to make a big and bold impression.  Sign foam is one of our favorite materials for custom lobby signs. This great material for custom signs can be worked for hand carved signs 3D props and put on the sign router. 

· Do: Consider asking for expert’s help. You will definitely want a custom and creative solution for dimensional letters. They have years of experience. In case you have any queries, feel free to talk to them.

Now, let’s check out the effective steps to choose the appropriate 3D letter sign.

Steps to selecting the best suitable Three Dimensional Letter Sign

 Dimensional letters are definitely one of the most common signage types used in marketing a business. They showcase the name as well as the images of a brand in a compact way, unlike many other signage options. What is more, it is easily customizable.

However, do you know how to choose the right dimensional signage in Long Island for your building? Here are the steps you need to consider.

Types of 3D Signs and 3D Sign Letters

In the first step, you will need to choose what type of custom sign material  to have your letters made from. Here are a few.

Channel Letters  – These letters are most often illuminated that offers more options for signage. They can be lit from the front or from behind. That means you will get a well-crafted and fully customized look. For businesses that usually get a lot of traffic at night, this type of lit sign is ideal. Also, these will be clearly seen at any time of the day. Mostly used for outside installs but can be used indoors as well. Halo lit commercial signage is one of Fab Visuals specialties. 

Dimensional Lettering – This is our favorite type of interior signage. We can make dimensional signage several different ways. Raised acrylic lettering where we route or laser the cut the letters is one type.  These custom signs and lettering can be layered on top of each other to create custom effects. 

Metal Letters

Metal letters are a very traditional type of look and are great for Law signs, Insurance company signs and other professional sign types. With beautiful high polished finishes that stand the test of time metal letters are a great choice

Materials that are great for dimensional signs 

Both types of dimensional signs in Florida can be created by using various materials. And the basic three categories of the materials are plastic, metal, and foam.

· Plastic: For plastic materials, the choices are commonly acrylic, plaques, vinyl, and PVC.

· Metal: The types of metal that you can use are aluminum (the most popular), brass, cast aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and bronze.

· Foam: It is a lightweight yet high-density material for such types of letters.

Styles you can choose from
Having a unique style for signage solution means you can have a unique expression for the brand. The exclusive choices include:
· Illumination styles including back-lit, front-lit and non-illuminated options as well.
· Back-painted finish.
· Painted finish.
· Acrylic laminate.
· Digital prints.
· Metal laminate.
· Plaques.

.HUD Foam and painted 

How thick should we go ?

Determining how thick the lettering for the dimensional signs in Florida will be is the last step of a custom letter sign design procedure. As per the look you want, a thicker or thinner letter can make a great difference. If you are not sure regarding which thickness will be the most attractive, consult a reliable graphic communication service provider. 

Get in touch with a trusted custom sign company near you. Their super creative and diligent team of experts will help you choose the best signage for the type of business you run.

Fab Visuals IMG_8119-1024x768 One-Stop Guide to Choosing Dimensional Signs