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Metal Letters Signs

Metal Letter Signs made here in New York are signs that show class. Great fro the that first class look.

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Dimensional Signs

Gemini Letters Long Island, When is comes to custom logos that are water jet cut, routed or laser cut the production team at Fab Visuals will amaze every time. 

Conference Room Graphics

Glass Designs Long Island, when it comes to giving your conference room that extra visual boost we have the answer. 

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Wall Coverings

Custom Wall Paper Long Island ,Wall Murals, Custom Printed Wall Paper we take that wall and make something special.

Office Branding Signs is a key component for Today's New York City and Long Island's Modern Office.

What is the importance of office branding Signs?

What is office branding signs you ask? While a lot of business is conducted via zoom and other online meeting applications these days, the most important decisions often still happen in person. So with businesses focused mostly on their digital brands, many companies are overlooking impressions given to clients, investors or recruits after a simple meeting at the office.
Physical experiences leave a longer-lasting impression and offer a more personal opportunity to reach consumers. Businesses shouldn’t forget the power of that first impression when a potential client or partner walks through the door, especially for the first time. As business life is increasingly drifting into cyberspace, the physical and tangible may become more valuable when attempting to stand out from the crowd.



There are several key areas that give brick and mortar office space the best opportunity to impact new and returning clients. Having high quality signs through out the office show the testament to what the company says about itself. The lobby area and the conference room are the two areas that when utilized right can have the most impact. When initiating a branding endeavor in these areas there are several custom signs that we find most effective.  

3D signs or dimensional signs are what we think is the number one way to make your brand stand out in the office space.  We mix these amazing attention getting signs with custom wall backgrounds such as a wall mural and then add lighting to the mix. This mixture of a sign with depth and custom background and lighting is a true office branding winner.

We help a diverse range of companies improve their brand identity through various design aspects that facilitate the appearance of their office space.  Fab Visuals ensures that our unique design ideas will highlight and align with your brand. 

Call us about improving your office branding signs and how we can help you land more deals with the right branded environment.


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