Long Island Sign Printing, 5 Pro tips for great signs

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Long Island Sign Printing -Sign printing can mean many things. Sign printers use a various set of printing techniques to create indoor and outdoor signs. The most common sign printing techniques that you find here on Long Island and in New York are screen printing, offset printing and digital sign printing. Each method is a different process and we will review each one is this blog. Giving you the best sign for your needs is what Fab Visuals signs and awnings is all about and we offer all three sign printing methods making sure your sign project has the highest quality possible. Make sure to use seek the best method for printing signs or contact an expert Like Fab Visuals Signs and Awnings.

What is the most common form of sign printing on Long Island?

For sure digital sign printing ranks number one in terms of popularity among Long island Sign Printing. There are several reasons for this. The top reason is versatility. A good digital printer can print on a wide range of materials. Some of the most common digital printing materials are printed vinyl banner material , printed adhesive vinyl material and printed wall paper material. With a digital printer there is very little set up and easy to create short print runs. Digital imaging inks are great for long term outdoor use and in some cases can last up to 10 years. Heavy duty direct sun exposure in the element that will cause the most damage to outdoor signs. Make sure to talk with your sign printing expert about the longevity of the inks they are using and what the life expectancy for those signs will be.

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Northrop Grumman Building Banner , Bethpage New York

Is screen printing signs good for Long Island Sign Printing ?

Screen printing has been around for many years and can be a very effective method of producing signs that need a mid to higher volume. Digital sign printing has come a long way in speed since its early days, but automated screen presses are still the go to method for sign printer for higher volume. Screen Printing can be used for both indoor and outdoor signs. Some of the popular printed signs with screen printing are real estate signs, Vinyl Banners and transit advertising.

Is offset sign printing good for Sign Printing?

Offset printing is the best sign printing method for high volume signs. The hurdle with offset printing is in the set up cost. When running a offset sign printing job there is a quite a set up process. There are plates that need to be made and when producing large format offset these plates are very costly. The plates wrap around the print drum and print the message onto the paper or other sign material. Offset sign printing has limited amount of outdoor life but is great for indoor signs.

Here are 5 pro tips for Long Island Sign Printing

Use Digital Printing for short runs and where you need a long term outdoor sign
Use screen Printing for moderate size runs and where signs need to last outside
Use offset printing with large runs of signs for indoor use or short term outdoor signs
Make sure the screen sign printer is using outdoor inks that will note fade
Make sure the digital sign printer is using outdoor
inks that will not fade

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Long Island Sign imaging chart comparison
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