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Law Office Signs Long Island – Fab Visuals signs and awnings located on Long Island, New York has several industries that we specialize in.  Some of these include sport visuals, food and beverage and one of our favorites is legal signage. Legal signage is one of our favorite industries to work for. We help law firms establish a brand and identity inside the firm and on the exterior of an office as well. We are the Office signs NYC experts. 

When perspective clients enter your office they need to feel a sense of professionalism and trust that can be achieved by well thought out and highly detailed branding elements. No matter if the project is for a lobby, entry way, conference room or outside signage the team at Fab Visuals will create designs that will represent the message you are trying to convey. Using 3d signage is the best way to achieve your office branding.

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Law Office Sign Materials - Metal law office signs, Wood law office Signs and Foam law office signs | New York | Long Island

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Benefits of Metal Law Office Signs

Our favorite type of material for lawyer signage is metal. Whether we are using a metal laminate or real metal, metal in an office represents many things to potential clients. It really says something. Metal dictates trust, honesty and stability. Metal is classic and we have many ways we can prepare the letters. We use water jet cutting, laser cutting, engraving and routing services to create your brand in a tasteful way. Some of the custom metal signs we make are bronze metal, bushed aluminum or nickel signs as well as many other custom metal options.

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Why Acrylic Law Office Signs look great.

Acrylic signs can be routed or laser cut and make for many options. Letter signs , wall signs and lobby signs to name a few. We can do amazing things with acrylic.  There are many custom application to cover acrylic to make the best law office signs New York 

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Bronze Law Office Plaques Long Island and New York

Our Gemini line of Bronze Law Office Plaques are truly appealing. With exquisite detail in a raised surface is possible by our state of the art production techniques. The raised letters and graphics can be aluminum or bronze for the one of kind look. Many wall and mount options are available and of course at Fab Visuals Signs and Awnings we install all the sign we make here in New York as one of New York’s top sign installers. 

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As a leader in law office signs we get it done start to finish.  Attorney office signs for exterior or interior metal or acrylic. Our brass plaques have a lifetime waranty and there are many options to choose from.