Furniture & Lighting

Custom Office Tables NYC

Custom office tables NYC- Fab Visuals has been making specialty furniture and lighting by request for years now.

Furniture plays an essential role in the office organization and design. Besides creating a statement about the companies dynamic  through  interior design it also has functionality.

There  maybe a specific need for type of furniture piece that’s just not available. You may have seen a certain lighting fixture you can’t find from any supplier. These are the type of projects Fab Visuals can work with you on. 

​We help install furniture in your office, promoting creative ideas in the entire organization. Items such as chairs, tables, cabinets, among others, are part of what we deliver and install in terms of furniture.

​One of things we enjoy most is building custom designed one-of-a-kind projects tailored to our clients specifications. We have streamlined the process to include 3D renderings, sample strike offs and amazing completed designs.

Custom Lighting Fixtures NYC