5 Of the best building signs for 2022

Building Signs

 Building signs are one of the key factors of attracting customers to your brick and mortar business.

Pin mounted Metal letters

Pin mounted metal letters are terrific for outdoor high end signage projects. Above you can see a project we did for an insurance company where we routed out clad faced metal pin mounted letters. First we cut the letters out of acrylic on the router. The router will also drill holes in the back of each letter so we can insert metal pin which will be used to mount the letters into job site.

Channel Letters

For bold and impactful business signs channel letters are the ticket.  These letters can be made illuminated , front and back, halo lit ( rear illuminated to shine against the mounting surface and non illuminated. The can be made very large like you see on todays sports stadiums and they are hung with large cranes.  As far as building signs go channel letters are probably the most used sign application.  When creating business signs most towns will require a permit.

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