5 Tips on Choosing the Best Sign Company for your Small Business

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Signs date back to hundreds of years ago. “As trade further developed, tradesmen had a fixed location and needed to advertise their products and services by hanging or installing an identifying insignia. The oldest reliable advertising insignia dates back to 3000 BC and was found near the ancient city of Ur, located in the Middle East.” This from an article by Flavio Mircea. Signs over the ages have changed but that one thing that has stayed constant is the ability to identify a location and attract potential customers. Even way back then this was so important.

So your company maybe moving or you notice that your sign is faded or is out of style. The time to buy a new custom sign has arrived. So it’s been decided the company needs a new sign to display the pride of your business. So now the pressure is on to find the right Long Island Sign Company to create this new addition to your business. If you are like most Long Island Business owners you don’t typically have tons of extra time to search out the best company to handle this endeavor. It certainly is important to select the right company to handle this project. So with that being said here are some important tips when hiring a sign company to work with.

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1. Reputation

When you do allocate some time to research local sign companies this is what to check out. Go to the companies web site and see what type of work they do. See what their website looks like. Does the type of work they do align with what you are looking for. Go onto google and read their Google Reviews, we try to make all of our clients happy but once in a while someone has a gripe so look for mostly good reviews. It’s also good to see a negative review and how the company handled it.

2. Customer Service

When working with a potential new vendor how is their customer service? When you contact this potential company how is the lead routed? Do you get a voice mail? Does someone return your inquiry in a timely manner? Now this doesn’t necessarily mean the firm doesn’t make great signs but paying attention to little red flags early on can save a lot of trouble down the road.

3. Capabilities ( Especially creative and design skills)

Finding the right signage company when you google signs Long Island can be a challenge. It’s important that you can find a sign company that can handle the whole project from start to finish. Creative is very important part of the new sign process. Do you have to come with a design or will they help you craft your ideas into the custom sign you are looking for. For a project as large as a new storefront sign or commercial sign for your small business it’s crucial to find one custom sign company that can handle the whole project. Sign projects have several parts, creative and design service, permits and administration with local ordinances , fabrication, old sign removal and installation of the new sign. Another thing is to see if this company has other services such as banner printing. wall murals and dimensional signs. It’s good for a company to have all your art assets and be able to make what your need for all of your projects.

4. Multiple Quotes

The fourth tip is getting multiple quotes. This process is often overlooked. You want to be sure to solicit serval RFP’s from multiple quality sign companies. Going to one sign company is ok once you have established a base line with them. If you are making a sign for the first time you want to shop around and get a feel how the sign companies handle the pricing process. Are they on time with the quote? Did they get the quote to you when they said they would? This is a good way to gage the sign companies you are dealing with as well as to see what is a fair price for what you are looking for.

5. Experience

The last tip we are going to cover is experience. How long has this sign company been around? Have they had the same owners the whole time they have been in business? When you give them a deposit do you have to be worried? These are all solid questions to seek the answers to. With a little research it should be fairly easy to uncover any issues.

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