What’s the difference between Frosted and Etched Glass?

Frosted and Etched Glass vinyl

So I have been asked this questions several times over the past year. As we install a

lot of frosted film and have completed some really amazing carved glass work. So this is my take on how you can break down custom glass work like this. I am going to try and illustrate with pictures. So the image below is for a project we completed in April of this year. We used a frosted film called Avery Etchmark #averygraphics this is our go to material for many reasons.

Frosted usually refers to a film that coats the glass and can be removed at a later date.

Avery’s product gives that look the Architects and designers like.

Fab Visuals 96c029_7f13eefc10704e91a17e36ac46490d98mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2 What's the difference between Frosted and Etched Glass?

So I divide custom glass work into four categories: frosted, etched, deep etched or carved and acid etched. So etched glass is a scratching of the surface of the glass, it’s usually sandblasted by hand or machined. The depth of the etching is really what determines if it’s just etched are carved glass. In the picture below of a project we did a few years ago for a private school in Connecticut you can see the levels of etching here. This is called a deep etching or carved glass and needs to be done by a skilled artisan. Our artist has been doing this work for over thirty years. The great thing about carved glass its use in combination with LED lighting. Here you can see a custom display stand I designed and we built to house the glass and drive LED in from the sides. It came out amazing !#etchedglass, #frostedglass, #carvedglass. Acid etched is usually an automated process that comes from the factory. OK that raps up my blog for today.

Fab Visuals Etched-Glass What's the difference between Frosted and Etched Glass?