5 Tips for Designing the perfect Retractable Banner Stand

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Retractable Banner Stand

There’s a good chance for you to get overwhelmed if you’re not used to buying banner stands. And that is pretty much natural since there are so many choices out there! However, selecting the right style for a banner stand is not a big deal as long as you know the things to consider while designing it.

The basic thing to keep in mind is that you need something that will attract potential visitors. And we will be discussing the other points to note in the adjoined passages. So keep scrolling down.

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Choose Colors smartly

The choice of colors crucially depends on the place where you will be positioning your banners. Also, it depends on how you want to present your brand against competitors. In a simple sentence, choose the colors that make you stand out from the mass.

You should be using your brand colors that will not affect the perception of consumers regarding that product. At the same time remember not to let the brand guidelines restrict your creativity.

You can use a different hue, or you can change the saturation of one of the hues in your brand. These are subtle changes. But these will help you set the right tone for your narrative.

Consider the message you want to convey:

Do you need to first decide what kind of a banner standyou want? It could be a call-to-action banner with a very straight forward message. Also, it could be a simple banner that you want to display outside your store.

You can have it for a grand trade show while you can plan a promotional event with a banner wall incorporating different banner stands.

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You can use a step-and-repeat banner to maximize brand awareness if you are opting for a media event. To the inexperienced, step-and-repeat banners get their name due to a recurrent logo or design that develops the banner design.

Point to note:

· A golden rule to keep in mind while doing banner design is -less is more. Too much content will make your banner look congested. In place of that, choose your message and create the presentation accordingly.

· For maximum brand recall, position your logo on the top left corner of the banner. You can choose classic fonts such as Helvetica or Verdana since these will give a professional look to your banners.

· Do not go for the fancy fonts since they affect readability, most of the time. The right order of your message is crucial too. You can consider highlighting specific words with various font sizes, colors, bolding, etc.

· Completely inexperienced, you may not understand what will be the right aspects for your banner stand. No worries. The experienced graphic communication service providers can help you.

Mistakes to avoid while designing a banner stand

Trade show exhibits offer a great opportunity to create a great impression on your potential customer base. And banners can be an impactful way to draw the attention of the visitors towards you.

There are specific ways to personalize your trade show banners regarding measurements, content, design, positioning, etc. Often, many exhibitors make mistakes because of a lack of planning, research, and insight.

Let us take a look at the six most common mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to customizing your banner stands.

Attaching the Banner on a Table Top

Fixing your banner to a tabletop would not look tasteful at all. Also, it will make your exhibit look unprofessional. If you want to bring something truly promotional to the table, it will be better to grab a tablecloth with your brand printed on it. Contrarily, banners can be used to create a backdrop behind your table set.

Putting Too Much Text

Signs, Banners, and posters come with a common purpose and that is to make your brand visible to the maximum visitors. To make it happen, you need to include easily readable text that will convey the message fast.

These particular display tools often provide a much larger space where you can put all your selling points. But you have to resist this temptation. Your audiences will find the lengthy descriptions really boring.

Text is equally important as the graphics. However, if you want to describe your services or products to the customers, using a couple of banner stands will be more effective.

Make sure the text is brief and precise. Consider using bullet points. Also, highlight the sections that will draw the crowd to your booth.

Hanging Banners without using Grommets

A grommet means a metal ring attached to the banners at the edges. These prevent the banners from tearing. You can also use zip ties, rope, etc. for hanging the displays by using grommets.

It is always better to get a grommet-attached one, if you want hanging vinyl or fabric banners for your exhibit.

Not doing enough research

If you are not making the most of social media for developing your business in 2020, you are surely losing out to the competition. Using social media platforms for promoting your business and communicating with your clients is a brilliant way to develop brand loyalty.

Sometimes, you find it problematic to give your personal info on the display especially if that info changes after some time. But not using this chance to promote your website will be a huge mistake.

You can add the web address and social media handles to your banners. It will ensure that people can learn more about your business instantly on their smartphones.

Going DIY

Always consult the experts to get the right design for your banner stands. They will imply trending techniques and creative ideas to get a unique solution.

Having too Creative Designs

Just like including too many words, getting too creative with the design will not be wise either. These displays are meant especially for the advertisements. It is not a medium for artistic expression. Therefore, you better choose something simple.

Once again, consult the highly experienced and creative graphic communication service providers. They will get you custom solutions for banners-standsat competitive rates. And, always do your research before choosing a service provider. Remember, hasty decisions can lead to draining a lot of money.

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