5 tips for Installing Frosted Glass in Offices in Florida

frosted glass

Frosted Glass why it works great in offices offices.

Etched Glass is one of the best frosted glass films.

Frosted Glass – Whether for windows or for doors – is incredibly beneficial for businesses or offices. Many office interiors, especially if built recently have large glass windows or doors and that is the design trend in todays work space. But there are draw backs to so much clear glass. There are privacy issues and the stark feeling of all glass can be some what stark and cold. In this blog we are going to cover some frosted glass and decorative film ideas for offices spaces in South Florida and how they can make an impact.

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When dealing with the issues of privacy, with frosted glass, you won’t have to replace the glass doors with solid materials or use curtains to cover up the windows, which creates huge maintenance issues especially dust. Curtains or blinds or other type of window add ons are costly and not conducive to keep that modern office look. Frosted glass is an inexpensive way to add flair and privacy to any entry way. You can use your logo or create and unlimited amount of patterns.

Now, before we move on if you want to install frosted glass in your office, you can contact your visuals graphics company, sign company or other provider. A good provider will offer a range of window frosting film designs and other very unique decorative film designs for office glass.

One of the great features with using etched films is the ability to incorporate branding into your projects. You can use frosting on the glass windows and doors to promote your services and incorporate your brand. The window frosting designs can be customized with a graphic, image, or logo displayed on the glass. There are so many possibilities with the wide variety of materials available. Call us at Fab Visuals 516.509.7055 and we can walk you through all that is available or any ideas that you may have.

Now, the greatest aspect of frosted glass in Florida in the office setting is that it serves various purposes. It other words, it is a one-stop solution assuring decoration, privacy, and security.

If you are looking for a window film option that will enliven your office premises, etched glass is probably the best option for your business. Since you already know that there are so many benefits of installing glass frosting, it is great to be aware of how it can positively impact the entire office atmosphere in terms of appearance, privacy and security.

Fab Visuals 96c029_5e706f2966e94d13b90a845050e967fb~mv2 5 tips for Installing Frosted Glass in Offices in Florida

Privacy – Some offices just have so much glass. It can be a bit unnerving working in front of a large open glass office all day long especially for women. Frosted glass is a quick and easy way to add some obscurity to get the work done properly without any distractions. There are more than one way to add this privacy. Decorative films add so many options and it can be hard to choose. The basic premise is to cover the main 1/3 of the middle section of the window. This will give the occupant the privacy they are seeking but still give that modern look to the glass.

Decor – Wow the possibilities are just endless. We are such huge fans of etched glass films. Fab Visuals has been creating these exciting projects for many years and the choices for films with color and patterns has grow exponentially. The etched glass design options you can achieve with glass frosting makes the office interior design a more modern and warmer environment.

Easy Maintenance – Frosted glass in Florida is absolutely easy to clean and these come with a very practical way of use. You can upgrade and remove the frosting any time. Regular wooden doors are very difficult to maintain since you have to take care of the wood to prevent dents, scuffs, and discoloration.

All you need is just to swipe the door with a damp cloth and there you go! The low-cost maintenance of a frosted glass door will save you bucks in the long run.

In South Florida, frosted glass doors and windows are modern, sleek, and ultra-chic. These doors look stylish in any living space, even in residential places as well. You can install the glass in the bathroom or in the reception area, outdoors, apart from around the meeting rooms and work zones. Besides being stylish, frosted glass doors and windows are highly durable. These can last for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Beautiful Living Space

Elegant Atmosphere – The frosting film on the glass illuminates the room by letting the light in from the sun while keeping the heat outside.

Highly economical – As a business owner you want to make decisions that maximize your business budget. So if you want a cost-effective alternative for covering the glass windows and doors, invest in window frosting rather than on curtains. It can save you lots of money if you choose to install the window frosting. Window frosting costs less to embellish glass and reinforce privacy when compared to other processes.

Reinforced Security – The sandblasted appearance on the frosted glass in Florida helps in obscuring what is going on inside of the room. That means the outsiders cannot see who is in or what is going on inside that room. The translucent glass can harm individuals while accidentally walking into it since it is hard to see. However, frosting makes the glass more visible making the office absolutely hazard-free.

Minimizes Distractions

Although glass doors are attractive, they are unable to block out the distracting view from the outside. It means there you will have to further add curtains to keep distractions away after the glasses are installed in your office setting.

At this point, installing frosted glass instead will effectively block out the distracting outside view. It assures maximum privacy. And quite obviously, when you have filtered the distractions, you can have a better focus on your important job.

Minimizes sound bounce

Nobody likes it when people are peeking inside interrupting the meetings? No worries, a frosted glass conference room can help people know if space is already occupied without causing distractions during the meeting. Along with this, glass walls are easy to sound-proof. Just use a minimum half-inch glass and seal the glass wall joints.

Highly energy-efficient

Frosted glass in Florida brightens your space by allowing the natural sunlight inside. You can avoid lighting electric lights and save energy and reduce energy bills.

Versatile and Customizable

Decorative films and etched and frosted glass give you a world of options. For architects, builders and interior designers etched and other film products can really go a long way to enhancing your office space.

Once again, if you want brilliant customized solutions for frosted glass in South Florida get in touch with and consult a trusted graphic communication service provider like Fab Visuals they are standing by to talk about your project.