5 need to know tips for designing great perforated window graphics

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Window graphics, custom vinyl lettering, perforated window decals, clear decals are all signage and advertising products that get applied directly to a storefront window. They attach using an adhesive thats already on the printed or cut material from the factory. Typically, they’re made from a vinyl or polyester film that adheres to glass. Window graphics come in a variety of different types, styles and sizes, and they’re usually fully customizable based on a business’s needs and business’s message. Customers passing by can see your advertisement as they pass your business, daily. When you count all the people passing by who will get exposed to your business every day, having great storefront signage is very important.

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perforated window graphics on a bus wrap for Stony Brook University

However, to make the most of your storefront graphics, they need to be made effectively. Maximizing impact is what it’s all about.  Let us take a look at some of the tips that will help in design and production for perfect window decals for your business.

Let us move onto the tips for perforated window decals.

Window graphics are considered a very effective design medium for obvious reasons. They are not only versatile and bold but also easily grab the attention of people walking by. Your message gets across quickly and effectively.

The great thing about window graphics and perforated window decals is flexibility. Whether for short term or long they create an environment by promoting your brand. That means these are adaptable for various uses and ambiances and can create theme your brand is trying to reinforce.

Now, since there are so many options available; designing a perfect window graphic might seem complicated. You’ve got to consider the key design principles for this custom sign medium.

Window graphics will not only work as an effective storefront sign but choosing the right design will take your business to next level

1. What are the available options for Window Decals ?

Window graphics will adapt to an extensive range of designs. And also, they are versatile when it comes to the products themselves. They come in so many forms. Lets look at some of the options.

· Window clings: These are graphics without any adhesive, the use a molecular charge bond to adhere to the window surface. They are super easy use and can be installed wet and then remove the extra water with a squeegee. They’re a brilliant choice for businesses expanding rapidly or needs to change messages frequently. They can be installed with regular retail staff that has limited installation skills.

· Clear and opaque decals: There are advantages to using both white and clear decals. Both white and clear decals have different design uses. White graphics and white vinyl lettering  are the most visible on glass because of the contrast. Glass is dark and the white always pops off the glass. When making custom vinyl lettering and not sure what will show up best, it’s smart to go with white, it’s always the winner in color selection.  Clear also has its uses. You can print white on clear so there is still good visibility inside looking out.

These are available in both low tac and high tac but not perforated, that only comes with one adhesive level. 

· Perforated window decals: Perforated window decals comes with a see-through surface. It allows you to look through the windows from inside the building. And on the outside, it will still advertise your branded message. These are more difficult to install and we recommend using a professional sign installer. 

Perforated window decals are more common in vehicle wraps. It ensures visibility even when you will be driving from out the rear windows. It also allows passengers to have good vision as well.  There are ways to play with lighting effects on these graphics but you have to do that with trial and error. They tend to be less noticeable at night. 

· Frosted decals: There are many types of frosted decals. From the basic etched glass style that looks just like frosted glass to the amazing decorative film selection they have for home and office. This adds a simulating appearance of etched glass and also these are great for assuring subtle privacy additions and decor. We often use etched glass when creating privacy in offices where there is a lot of glass. Safety is also an issue and etched film markings are often used as safety markings so people don’t walk into the glass. 

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Whether you are choosing graphics primarily for advertising , as a piece of decor or for other purposes – there are various suitable styles available.

2. Check out the Sizing Upfront

The size of the window graphic should be decided according to the size of the location where you want to place it. If you want to use a decal for displaying your store hours on a door, make sure it fits with the logo and any other signs you have. Numbers need to be large enough to read easily but not too large that they look out of place.

Check out the following ideas for large-scale designs with window graphics:

· Ambiance and décor: If your building features a lot of glass, using decals especially frosted films and frosted color films will add to the ambiance of the space and create a modern look.

· Large sizes are easy: If your business features many repeating window panels, thats easy to tie into one branding message. Window mullions are no problem and once covered just fall into the background and can’t be seen. Just make sure not to run smaller size texts over these breaks as they might become very hard to read. 

· Privacy : As stated above etched vinyl on glass  will offer staff privacy as needed. Nobody wants to work in a large glass window and be watched, it’s just uncomfortable.  Whether you want to cover the entire windows or do a design thats uses partial coverage, the etched glass look gives your office planners many possibilities.

· Large-scale options of advertising: Size matters. Now, this technique is nothing fancy. If your storefront features large windows in the entryway, consider filling them with full window graphics.

This will help in advertising a sale or event. The big size plays a crucial part in catching more and more attention especially when you pair them with bold fonts and colors.

3. Choose colors smartly

Decals look good in any color but you need to keep certain factors in mind. If the business window graphics are clear, it will be better to make a darker contrast to make it brighter and readable.

However, if you have decided on filling the background of your decal, you can try almost anything and everything! Obviously, don’t forget to follow the general design principles. 

Keep The Color Wheel In Mind

The science of Color theory is really complex. And even though it is quite impossible to cover the entire science, try to follow the basics. Just make sure that the colors you combine contrast each other pretty well while they should also complement each other.

The experts to contact

Only the trusted digital printing service providers can help you get a customized and creative solution for window graphics. They provide a service by keeping your specific needs and budget in mind.

You should do your research before choosing not randomly choose a service provider. Do  proper research to make sure you are dealing with the right custom sign expert. So, why wait? Consult the experts today.