5 Must things to know before buying Channel Letter Signs [2022]!

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Channel Letter signs in New York.

Channel Letters Signs and what you need to know before making this expensive business purchase.

Opening a new business can be a daunting experience for every business owner, old or new. As a retailer one of the most important things to do is to get noticed.

Every business spends lots of money on developing their brand and ” Brand” has become one of the key components to marketing a brick and mortar location. A custom storefront sign is probably one of the best investments you can make in your business. A well thought out and executed store front sign will get you noticed for years and you only have to purchase it once and maybe a little up keep as the years go bye. So whats makes good channel letter signs ?

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What makes good channel letter signs?

Good sign design

The key to any visual project be it for logo design, website design or sign design is good design. As many of you have heard the KISS factor of design, Keep It Simple Stupid, is really important especially with todays UI and UX protocols. We can’t tell you how many signs go up that have too much going on. Please realize that viewers are traveling by at a good rate of speed and if the message isn’t clear and easy to read the signs job is not being done.

Know your audience

You would think this would be pretty clear but we have seen so many custom channel letter signs or reverse channel signs that are just not relevant. If your target audience is to a younger crowd make sure the design is crafted with them in mind not what you, the owner likes. Yes the sign can represent the brand, but it needs to be on target with the demographics of the buyer. Don’t use a loud neon sign for a golf store when something elegant and simple suits that customer better.

Be memorable

Try to add one flair per sign. Yes you can still keep it simple. A sign with too much going will get passed by without any visibilty.

Fab Visuals IMG_0894-1024x768 5 Must things to know before buying Channel Letter Signs [2022]!
Getting ready for Met Life Stadium

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