5 Reasons truck wraps are the best sales person

truck wraps

A vehicle wrap is the process of taking digitally produced art( usually a branded message) and applying that image onto the different sides, roof, hood and rear of the vehicle. A graphic designer comes up with a branded design that is in a digital format and sends that file to a wide format digital printer. The printer intern prints the image onto a roll of special film material made out of vinyl. The vinyl material once printed is then sheeted into sections or panels that will overlap as they are installed onto the vehicle creating the design from the original artwork.

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Truck vehicle wrap

While traffic jams are usually one of the most annoying parts of someone’s day, they can actually be a huge benefit for companies who use truck wraps on their vehicles. As people inch along on the highway making their way to work or back home, they have plenty of time to look around at the other vehicles on the road. A truck with a wrap on it is a moving advertisement that displays a company’s message to others on the road.

Build brand awareness If you use trucks in your business and want to increase brand awareness, and build company interest, truck wraps are a cost-effective way to spread the word about your company and services. As you look to build your brand and attract new clients or customers, learn more about truck wraps and the benefits they can provide to your company.

A truck wrap can cover the entire outside of a vehicle’s exterior without harming a driver’s vision. Alternatively, a wrap might only cover part of the truck, a way to save some money but still have a very effective branded message. Whether it covers the entire surface of a truck or a smaller area, the wrap will be specially designed for the size and shape of your trucks so that it displays your message in a visually appealing and professional manner. Your logo, color scheme and text will be on view and visible to drivers throughout the day.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle, a truck wrap also provides a way for your company to communicate your values and personality to the general public. The images and text you choose will allow your company to educate the public on what your business is all about and what services you offer.

Vehicle wraps will often include a clever tagline, a list of your most important selling points, a company’s contact information, QR Codes, iconic imagery and a logo. You can create a wrap that is truly original to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Why Truck wraps are your best sales person

1. They will get noticed

Many people spend lots of time on the road and in a car each day. The average commute is 26 minutes to go one way. People generally drive 37 miles a day.

As people are on the road so much, there is a huge opportunity to get in font of a large audience for your company if you decide to use truck wraps. Say, for instance, your company has semi-trucks that cross hundreds of miles every day. A semi-truck wrap can take your message across the country, opening up new markets for you to operate in and making your business a national name.

If you’re a local business whose trucks only go around a city or region, commercial truck wraps are excellent options for smaller work trucks. You’ll be getting your message out to the community any time your drivers are on the road. You can double the value of your work trucks with a wrap. They already have functional value, and with the addition of the wrap, they gain marketing value.

You don’t have to pay them overtime . Some companies have trucks on the road 24/7. Think if you have an employee that sold for you 24 hrs. a day 365 days years how valuable that would be to you.