5 Pro tips when buying painted murals Long Island!

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Hand Painted Murals Long Island | The hand painted mural is truly an art form of it’s own. A mural is when a large image is applied to a wall, floor or ceiling. It can be created using wall paper, adhesive graphics or as we are going to review here, hand painted murals. With hand painted murals todays artists mostly use brushes and paint to create, not unlike murals of long ago.

Painted murals have been around since the start.

As I mentioned, hand painted murals have been around a long time. Lubang Jeriji Saleh is one of the oldest cave images that dates back more than 40,000 years. On Borneo Island in Indonesia it was found in 2018 during remote exploration.

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cave hand painted murals

Recently the team at Fab Visuals has returned to hand painted murals as this art style is receiving a strong come back. Hand painted murals offer a certain texture that binds itself with the surface of the wall that you can’t replicate with other art mediums. So when you look at the surface of the wall you can see how the paint becomes part of the wall texture itself. You can’t get this look from any other method. The feeling of real brush strokes on wall is just something that truly resonate with all that view the art.

Even Michelangelo hand painted murals

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Mural painting Sistine chapel

That’s right, one of the most famous artisans of all time hand painted murals. The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, home to The Pope has scores of hand painted murals created by renowned artisan, sculptor and architect- Michelangelo. One fact many people don’t know is that Michelangelo painted these murals standing up on a complex system of scaffolding he designed contrary to what has been depicted in movies and stories of him lying on his back.

So let’s get down to business – with my 5 top tips for hand painted murals

  1. Review the artists work- Any mural project you are commencing, it’s important to review the artists work. Even if it’s a new artist they should have something to show you. A painting, a sketch album, anything that shows their style.
  2. Make sure the mural painter visits the project site to take detail site measurements.
  3. See a sketch of the design before starting any project. It can be a color version but at the least a pencil sketch so that you know what the artist is thinking and you are on the same page.
  4. Go over what responsibilities the artist will have and you the customer will have. ie…..garbage and clean up after the project is complete.
  5. Make sure if your artist doesn’t have the right insurance your policy covers then if there is a mishap.
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Outside wall mural

Here is an added bonus – a few great hand painted mural ideas

So here are some trends for hand painted wall murals for 2022.

  • 1. Nature Scenes- Getting back to nature has a calming effect and large nature scenes can be calming and create a soothing work environment.
  • 2. Florals wall murals are a hot trend for 2022- large colorful floral images are just inspirational and having the in your home or office just works.

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Floral wall mural

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