5 Cool ideas for portable trade show displays in 2022 NYC

portable trade show displays

Portable trade show displays and what’s hot for 2022 on Long Island and in NYC

Hopefully as things get back more to normal trade shows and events will get back to where they were before the pandemic. So in this blog we are going to review 5 of our top trade show booth choices for 2022. To visit our online catalog just follow this link and see the great exhibit products we have to offer for 2022.

Illuminated fabric booths are great brand impact displays

The recent trend towards fabric displays has continued to grow and for good reasons. Fabric graphics, digitally printed fabric and everything with dye sub fabric graphics is now being widely used across the display industry. Where there we very few companies fabricating fabric graphics now that the industry has matured there are many more vendors established in this business. Illuminated graphics have always been a key player in the exhibits, incorporating large backlit or internally illuminated graphics into a trade show booth was always common. But now with greater fabric printing and finishing capabilities illuminated fabric booths are here

Illuminated fabric booths are high impact portable booths

Where years ago custom fabric booths were very expensive that is no longer the case. Our portable trade show displays made with fabric are very economical. If you go over to our online catalog and go to the lumiere light wall there are many standard configurations as well as the ability to make custom booths as well. We can make packages for a single backwall, island booth and more. The ability to create high impact branded trade show booth and trade show backdrops is really amazing.

Fab Visuals Lumiere-Light-Wall-Configuration-H-BACKLIT-Graphic-Package_1 5 Cool ideas for portable trade show displays in 2022 NYC

Another Fab Visuals Team favorite is our Modco System

Aluminum extrusion system are very popular but can be hassle because most systems require lots of tooling to connect the frames. This system can come in several different styles. Once again check our online catalog for the different styles here. These systems are assembled using toolless pin connectors and are completely covered edge to edge in beautiful high resolution fabric graphics.

Fab Visuals unnamed-file-6166 5 Cool ideas for portable trade show displays in 2022 NYC

An Oldie but a goodie

Some times is good to just go with a proven winner in the portable trade show displays area. This trade show display has been with us for a while and we have sold so many of these units. The Pop up trade show booth is always a winner. This panel system comes in a variety if shape and sizes from table top to 20ft gull wing we have you covered. This units comes with hard carrying cases and optional case wrap for unique table display.

Fab Visuals Pop-Up-Display-Straight-9ft-Graphic-Package_1-1024x1024 5 Cool ideas for portable trade show displays in 2022 NYC

Next on our list is the Fabric Tube system great for backwalls or table top trade show displays

Simplicity makes for success. Of course bold bright trade show graphics that stand out in a sleek design helps too. Our Tube system is so super simple to use. This display will always give you a feeling of success and its great for may uses. From Table top systems to a full trade show backdrop in the portable trade show displays world is definitely a staple.

Fab Visuals category-ezconnect-display-1024x360 5 Cool ideas for portable trade show displays in 2022 NYC

The Fabric Pop UP is easy to use, comes in many sizes and is very economical

The last in the portable trade show displays is the Fabric Pop UP. The velcro fabric skin easily affixes to the frame and wraps around the returns. The standard unit comes with a soft case , frame and printed fabric graphic. Once again this system is super easy to set up. It actually can be set up in less then 5 minutes with one person. There are also options to make this trade show booth double sided as well.

Fab Visuals One-Choice-10-ft-Fabric-Pop-Up-Straight-Single-Sided-Graphic-Package-w-Endcaps_8 5 Cool ideas for portable trade show displays in 2022 NYC