5 Great self Standing display ideas in New York

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Self Standing Displays: Long Island and Florida

What is a self standing display? As many business owners attend trade shows and events they need different types of displays to show off their brand. One type of display is called the free standing display or self standing displays. These types of displays usually have a front area that show the product or service being offered by the business and can stand up on its own with no other attachments. The advantage of these graphics are they can be set up anywhere. The are usually cost effective and easy to travel with.

This blog will run through 5 of our favorite self standing displays and why we like them

Self Standing Displays we like and why.

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The Fabric Backwall – Tension Fabric Version.

Tension fabric self standing displays are one of the Fab Visuals team number one choice for free standing displays and there are several reasons for this.

  • Looks Amazing– Out of all the displays that are available nothing looks quite as clean as a tension fabric booth
  • Easy to set up – So there is a frame and a skin, pull the skin over the frame, zip on the bottom and your’re done.
  • Lightweight-with shipping costs rising a lightweight free standing display is a winner.
  • Brand Impact– want to really hit your target audience with a powerful message ? These displays have such a clean display area fro great message impact

The POP UP Booth Velcro fabric version

The backwalls will provide you with an excellent opportunity to engage with the customers face to face. It can draw the attention of the people to your company and brand.  A well-designed backwall can ensure you have connected with your targeted audiences. Using the right signage will let potential customers understand everything about your company.

Illuminated Backwall

The backwalls will provide you with an opportunity to establish your brand. Branding is one of the most important parts of achieving success. It helps your business reach at the pinnacle. It is a smart representation that can increase your sales and provide you with new distributors. This is also an ideal option that proves you are a strong player in your industry. The proper display on the backwalls can demonstrate your business as a reliable provider of the services and goods you offer.

Retractable Banner Stand

The well-designed backwall display will help you create a long-lasting impression of your clients. It is a great medium of catchy display. With this approach, you can get in touch with your customers for a prolonged time. It is an excellent and unique way to help you reach your business before people. The customer will remember not only your services and products; they will understand the place of your business.  

Apart from these, there are also some good factors for backwalls. Read the following passage to know these.

Freestanding Foamcore with feet.

The easily attachable additional features are one of the obvious benefits of backwalls. These features include LED edge lighting, tables, monitor mounts and so many. These features can arrest the attention of your customers, and it will benefit you a lot for business promotion.

Many design options

There are many design options you can choose from to create a backwall display. For instance, if your company’s logo is blue, you can opt for a blue backwall to impress the customers. With this option, you can facilitate an opportunity to choose the design according to your desire.


You can increase its durability as per your needs. Then, you must use the custom printed fabric graphics to create an outstanding backwall. The experts of reputed graphic communication service providers always use this product to surpass your expectations. In addition, it can clearly promote your company and brand.

You need to be familiar with some guidelines before you contact the professionals. Want to explore these? Read the following passage!

Some important points to note before you opt for a backwall display

Here are some simple guidelines you must stick to when the expert design the backwall.

· You need to opt for a simple color scheme. The simplicity will draw the attention of the customers. It also helps them to keep a focus on quality signage.

· If you wish to add additional features, it is highly advisable to purchase from a reputed store. As a business owner, you are familiar with these. This approach will give you assurance to carry out backwall show with no disruption.

· Lighting is also a crucial factor when it comes to displaying the backwalls. Remember the proper lighting will provide a clear view of the backwall to the audiences. So, you need to keep this point in your mind. However, white lighting is highly preferable in this respect.

To get the job executed accurately, you need to contact a reputed graphic communication service provider. Well, the following tips will help you find the right service provider with ease.

Tips to choose a renowned graphic communication service provider

Learn the essential tips to find a reputed service provider in the below-mentioned points.

· Experience: Experience is a significant factor in choosing a graphic communication service provider. Experienced professionals can assure you of rendering quality services. So, check their experience before giving this responsibility to them.

· Service cost: This is a factor that defines the quality of services offered by the companies. So, you must know their service costs before making your deal. If they demand high service costs, you must check every detail given on their website. But it is always better to opt for a service provider that offers a reasonably priced service.

· Quality of service: This is very important to check the quality of the service. You can go through the clients’ testimonials to verify. This approach will give you an idea about how much the professionals are capable of designing the backwalls.

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