5 Common Vehicle Wrap Mistakes You Should Avoid

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According to experienced vehicle wrap professionals, just about every slip-up is possible when it comes to sloppy car wrap designing or installation. So, how one can avoid those mistakes? Well, the answer that you are looking for is right here!! Consider hiring a vehicle wrap professional!

You may think that you could probably design and install a decal without facing any issues. But, don’t forget that with inexperienced hands, there is always room for error. Even the simplest installations may entail all the red flags. Therefore, it is always better to avoid the DIY approach.

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Let us take a look at some of the vehicle wrap mistakes that professionals will help you avoid. Let us start with the design mistakes. Later we will move on to the installation slip-ups.

Car Wrap Design Mistakes you should Avoid

Even though we commonly think of a design that is artistic and free, without any rules or requirements, the fact is that good design is based on a bunch of principles. If you ignore these inevitable principles of good design, the message you want to convey gets lost. Also, the overall impact of the advertisement on a viewer gets reduced.

Things to consider while designing a car wrap

The basic aspects of good vehicle wrap design are often credited to highly experienced and knowledgeable graphic communication solution providers. According to them, a good design should be:

· Unobtrusive

· Understandable

· Aesthetic

· Innovative

· Durable

· Earth-conscious

· Thorough

· Useful

· Honest

Car warp designing mistakes to avoid

· As Little Design As Possible

· Too Much of Text

· Too Small Text size

· Unreadable Text

·  Too many features

· Not Balancing the overall Design

· No Roof Design added

· Zero Branding

· Little Contrast

· An improper Design That Doesn’t flatter The Car

· Not considering the Vehicle’s Curves

Fab Visuals 96c029_fabc0ee1386145c9b48e029b8c4df897~mv2 5 Common Vehicle Wrap Mistakes You Should Avoid

Car-wrap installation mistakes to keep at bay  

It’s a whole other ballgame when it comes to full or partial wraps. Three-dimensional wraps such as full and partial installations, often come with multiple challenges. They require multiple sheets precisely measured and cut for accurate fit, navigating around various angles, rivets, and curves, etc. The mistakes that inexperienced professional or DIY jobs tend to include are here:

1. Peeling Edges

This is one of the most common problems professionals of vehicle wraps in Florida often come across. This basically happens when the surface of the vehicle hasn’t been cleaned properly of all oils, film, debris, or dust.

What happens is the adhesive simply does not stick. Peeling edges can also be caused by wrinkles when not completely smoothed out and due to improper heating applications.

2. Bubbling

This is not only caused by improper preparation, but also by overstretching, incorrect heat application procedures, etc. Also, this can be caused by doing the installation in un-ideal climates such as cold temperatures or high humidity.

3. Bad Trimming

After the wrap adheres to the surface of the car, any excess of the wrap should be trimmed off. Trimming should be done by a precise and steady hand. Any errors in the trimming of the wrap could lead to removing the vinyl panel, beginning completely over. And this can also harm the surface of the vehicle.

Fab Visuals 96c029_2d3504f95f6e43de8cbd80f895343b11~mv2 5 Common Vehicle Wrap Mistakes You Should Avoid

4. Cutting Corners In The Wrong Place

If you need a flawless installation, parts of the vehicle such as door handles, headlights, or bumpers should be removed. Many people try to cut corners in this place and wrap around those features for saving time. Consequently, your wrap is much more likely to peel or bubble up.

Well, you won’t have to worry about that if you are hiring trained vehiclewrap professionals. Trained professionals know which parts need to be removed, and which parts need not.

5. Unevenness Between Pieces

Because of poor wrap jobs, it is quite common to find patches of vinyl placed in areas such as corners or rivets. It is simply because the installer didn’t know how to work around these parts. Therefore, instead, they attempted to cover up those parts with another piece of vinyl.

A vehicle wrap should seem seamless. Nobody wants their vehicle turns out looking like a patchwork quilt!! If yours looks like that, unfortunately, the wrap has not been installed properly.

Well, these are not all. There are several other mistakes that you need to consider regarding installing a vehicle wrap. Let us check them out.

Several studies reported that merchandise with a sign beat merchandise without a sign, by 20%. You already know that wrapping vehicles with your business’s name and contact info is a brilliant way to increase brand awareness, and therefore, sales.

However, before you dig deeper into the vehicle wrapping procedure, you need to be aware of some common slip-ups that could promote roadblocks on the way. Here are just several other mistakes experts avoid while working with car wraps.

Not eliminating the Bubbles

If you see any bubbles while installing your car wrap, you have to take certain steps in order to remove the bubbles. You should carefully press out the bubble by using a specialized flat tool designed for this application specifically.

Overlooking bubbles tend to lead to a clumsy application. And this could impact the quality and overall visibility of the finished product. Don’t skip checking carefully for bubbles throughout the application process. If there are bubbles treat them properly ASAP.

Overlooking Temperature at the time of Installation

Inexperienced professionals applying a car wrap for the first time may not understand that the materials can be super sensitive to specific temperatures. It’s the best idea to wait until you get a cooler day or apply the wrap in a temperature-controlled ambiance. Considering this, you shouldn’t apply car decals in an environment with lower than 50-degree temperature.

Not opting for a Professional Service

Finally, it’s really important to face the truth. Vehicle wrapping can be a complex technical procedure. And if the professionals don’t have a steady hand, precision and they don’t pay attention to details, this could end up with a less sloppy product.

With this in mind, it is always best to invest in highly experienced professional services. Hire someone who has years of experience in designing and applying the vehicle wraps.

Advertising with business vehicles is a crucial strategy to expand your existing audience and potential customer base as well. All you need to do is to get in touch with a reliable graphic communication service provider.