4 great Boat Lettering tips on Long Island

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Fab Visuals boat-lettering-2 4 great  Boat Lettering tips on Long Island

Pro tips for great Boat Lettering.

Vinyl boat lettering are custom decals made from industrial vinyl material. These custom decals are fabricated to apply to a boats surface. The original design is made on a computer desk top publishing program like adobe illustrator and a vector art work file is created. After the artwork has been designed and then approved by the client the cut file is sent to a plotter where the design is cut out and prepared for installation. This can be done with lettering, numbers, images, logos, and almost any other boat graphics you may desire. You can even have boat lettering decals made from digital images that you can use to wrap your boat. Once the vinyl boat lettering is prepared it simply peels apart so the letters are on a low tac carrier tape and the decals are pastes to the desired surface.  So boat owners no longer have to paint by hand lettered. Boat lettering includes registration letters and numbers (made to your state specifications,) boat name decals, boat hail port lettering, and boat vinyl graphics applied to your vessel.


Get that great look that says who you are. 

Many boat owners have used painted lettering for their boat names on the sides, stern or even on the bow. However, plain painted letters are not that appealing to the eyes. And this is exactly where a custom sign company can help. Remember one thing, both for promotion and attraction; fonts are crucial just like the images. There are some many styles and custom styles that can be crafted for your boat. Drop Shadows, outlines and other effects will only be thought of by good designers like the boat lettering team at Fab Visuals signs and Graphics.

You will be Proud of your boat

Quality lettering is going to make your boat more attractive. And you will be proud of it. Attractive lettering will show the world that you own something special, something unique that sets you apart from the rest. And that is going to bring you more customers when it comes to business.

Sets you apart   

A boat name should be big enough so people can easily read it. Also, the boat lettering on Long Island should be unique so everybody can easily recognize it and it should fit your personality in style. A boat is a big investment you should make it your own.


You will want the boat lettering to last for many years to come, right? That will be like a real ROI. If you want that, you need to deal with a professional graphic communication service provider who comes with years of experience.

Your service provider should have extensive knowledge of various types of signage. Now, let’s dig into the following passages to learn the steps to choose boat lettering in Florida.

Things you should not overlook while installing letters on your boat

· Let the professionals fix it. They pay considerable attention to brilliant layout, measurement, and every single detail. This way your vinyl letter installation for your boat is just right. 

· Buying boat numbers cut straight and striving to install them on the bow of the boat won’t be a good idea. They would look like a frown since the bow is curved in and up.

· For laying perfect numbers on the bow of a boat, you need special skills that only the professionals can assure. They usually tack some “butcher” paper to the bow with the help of masking tape. It is a process that needs attention to detail.

A brilliantly lettered boat will surely grab the attention of many people. However, don’t overlook the fact that lettering for boats on Long Island is a technique that needs great expertise and experience. That is why relying on the experts will be the best idea. 

Whether it is for special advertisement or pleasing regular customers – quality boat lettering will surely pay you off. While dealing with a graphic communication service provider, make sure you are not choosing someone new in the business. Search online thoroughly so you can get in touch with a trusted service provider who can get you the latest and productive so.

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