Wall Murals Long Island 5 hot trends for [2022] and other wall covering ideas

3d murals

Wall Murals Long Island, Wall Murals by definition are large images painted or put directly on the wall. This can be from a photo, or original artwork. There are several ways this can be achieved and with todays on demand technologies creating wall murals is easier than ever. The process of creating on-demand wall murals is as simple as picking your image and selecting your material. Just think about it, you can pick any image you want and then place that image on the wall. It’s like being able to show your personality right onto your walls. Wall decor has gone in and out of style over the years but a strong resurgence is expected for 2022. Todays designers are not afraid of bold choices and it only follows suit that flamboyant wall decor will be their design choice.

The rest of the imaging process is up to the printing company that you will work with. A painted mural is different story and comes with another whole set of parameters. Today we are going to discuss the processes of wall murals and how to achieve success with this art form.

Things we are going to cover about 3D wall murals and more

1. What topics are trending

2. Where can wall murals go

3. Wall mural materials are available

4. Simple wall mural installation

5. Do’s and don’ts

What’s hot in walls for 2022? A recent article by Roman Decorating predicts large floral patterns are definitely in for this year. Really bold floral patterns with up close ” in your face” type of boldness. Florals can be used for any room- wall murals for the bedroom , office or commercial space. Wall mural ideas are only limited by ones imagination. Other trending are design are forest wallpaper, galaxy and space themes and very popular are 3d murals with dimensional aspects.

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Wall murals are super versatile

Wall murals are so versatile the literally can go anywhere. Commercial spaces can use wall murals in their lobby in combination with dimensional signage for an outstanding look that just will make entering customers look with astonishment. What’s better then sitting in a conference room with a dramatic sea image that both clams and radiates beauty and strength. The ability to create is endless with custom wallpaper printing. Talk to one of our team members about your next project or idea.

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Here’s a brief rundown on wall mural material

Wall paper or wall mural what’s the difference? So the major difference between wall paper and wall murals is customization. Wall paper comes mainly pre made to size in big lots. The paper itself is usually ready to be applied with glue paste. Whereas wall mural can come like that but there are many more options. First Wall murals can be made to fit and space and the image can be cropped anyway the customer wants it. Other materials would be metallic wall mural material, wall mural paper that comes with adhesive on so just like a giant peel and stick. Some other really neat materials are textured materials, there are five or six popular wall paper material all which achieve different looks.

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A few quick installation tips for adhesive for wall murals

Whether your are installing 3d wall murals, a floral pattern or some type of abstract pattern the following tips Fab Visuals has found very useful.

  1. Make sure to measure the mural when receiving your order .
  2. Make sure the wall has been clean and prepped. There are few things here to check off. One the wall should be painted with an egg shell or semi gloss paint. This will enable the adhesive on the material get a good grip and set quickly. Cleaning the wall will take off surface impurities that will prevent a good bond. We like to use a mix of denatured alcohol and water.
  3. Let the wall totally dry before attempting any install.
  4. Clean very well in the corners where walls connect as this area attracts the most dust.
  5. lastly, this a pro tip, there are very thin double stick tapes available, as long the material you are installing is thick enough you can run a a strip of the material along the edges. This will prevent any mural from releasing off the wall!

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do pick very bold colorful images
  • Do try to do something new, like 3D Wall murals
  • Do use high resolution images so the printing quality looks great. We suggest at least 100 dpi at 100% size for great images
  • Do use an experienced imaging house so the project is just right.
  • Don’t install onto non cleaned walls
  • Don’t measure once, measure twice
  • Make sure to use a level and measuring tape if installing by yourself.

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