9 amazing trade show booth ideas for small budgets [2022 edition]

trade show booth ideas

Have you considered exhibiting at a trade show? Trade shows are an excellent way for businesses to find more customers. People attend trade shows in order to learn about new products in the market and the as well as companies that manufacture them. 

Most trade shows are performed by big companies capable of putting up extravagant displays, but what if a small business with little capital needs to put up a trade show booth? What are some good ideas for small businesses to present themselves working from a tight budget? And what are some of the ways they can actually get more people to engage with their booth?

Today I’ll list some amazing trade show booth ideas that you can implement on a small budget. These will help you bring in and engage more visitors for your trade show without having to spend a tremendous amount of money.

Trade show booth ideas that attract visitors:

  1. Comfortable Seating
  2. Educational Presentations
  3. Hold A Contest
  4. Let Attendees Try Your Products
  5. Have a Great Trade Show Motto
  6. Offer a Phone Charging Station
  7. Social Media
  8. DIY Decorations
  9. Charity Giving

Comfortable Seating

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Providing a comfortable seating experience to your visitors is an easy and affordable way to make them stick around. It’s ok you won’t hold them forever.

Giving your visitors a place to sit works wonders for a variety of reasons. First of all, people are more likely to be receptive to your message when they are comfortable and relaxed. Secondly, remarkable seating displays make for wonderful photo ops so people are more likely to take pictures and share on social media. Maybe set up some special social media hashtag signage.

Thirdly, by supplying a comfy chair, you’ll give attendees a reason to stay much longer at your booth than they otherwise may. And lastly a place to sit will compel more people to come around and stay by your booth.

If the idea is to get more visitors to your booth i’d start by arranging a few sofas first! Modern looking trendy sofas will work best. A bright color might also work. 

Educational presentations

Many people attend trade shows in order to learn about new products or about the latest discoveries and developments in their specific fields. Why not lean into this fact and offer attendees a learning experience when they visit your booth?

Creating a slideshow or demonstration program for a product your audience is already acquainted with, is an easy task. Yet it is capable of providing your target audience a real benefit.

Trade shows are a primarily interaction with people who are interested in your latest technology and discoveries.

Hold a Contest

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The idea is to get the audience engaged isn’t it? What’s a better way to do so than to make them compete with each other for a makeshift prize? Using a contest with prizes as a tool to promote your business is a one of the earliest forms of advertisement.

Holding a contest has great promotional value.

Hosting a contest or giveaway works so well for a few reasons. A survey found that contests conducted by commercial businesses increased engagement by enormous amounts. Customers participating in a contest were much more willing to give up personal information and most contestants will go out of their way in order to expose the product to as many people as possible.

Also conducting a contest as a trade show giveaway is extremely cheap. And prizes incentivizes your visitors to come keep coming back for more.

Let Attendees Test Your Products

Another great way to get visitors acquainted with the product is to let them test it out on their own. In addition to educational demonstrations, product tryouts also help build intrigue for your products.

Bring extra attention to your booth by letting customers use your products.

Have a Great Trade Show Motto

Don’t you underestimate the power of a good motto! Research proofs that a catchy phrase or brand motto can stick in people’s head making them remember your brand long after the event has ended.

Take time to create a song for your brand. Something that rhymes and has a good feel to it. It might be your ticket to a successful brand identity.

What slogan will your brand use?

Offer a phone charging station

Fab Visuals charging-station-trade-show-ideas 9 amazing trade show booth ideas for small budgets [2022 edition]

We all know the frustration a low battery can cause. Not taking into account that trade shows can be long and taxing. There might be people attending the show who have travelled a long time and haven’t really had the chance to charge their phone. This makes for a perfect opportunity!

Offering a free phone charging station at your booth is the perfect way to attract trade show attendees, and immediately give them a positive association with your brand. While people are waiting for their phones to charge, they can also check out your nearby collateral to learn what your business is offering.

If you want more Cool ideas for portable trade show displays check out the link. Trade show displays are one of of the best ways to capture your potentials customers attention.

Social media

It is not enough to drive a lot of visitors to your trade show. You also should think of what happens next.

Isn’t the whole point of hosting a trade show bringing more public awareness to your business? So wouldn’t it be smart to make your users engage with your business even after they are done with the show?

You can do so easily by making the visitors follow your social media accounts. Compelling your visitors to follow your facebook page is an easy way to keep them exposed to your brand.

Here are some wonderful ways you can add the social media element to your trade show.


Event decoration is expensive, how about make your own decorations instead? Instead of draining out more money from your pocket wouldn’t it be wise to decorate your trade show booth on your own?

With a little practice it is possible and you can save some money in the process.

Charity Giving

People by nature are drawn towards social issues and charity work. So take advantage of this fact to bring more visitors to your booth.

By hosting a charity, you are more likely to bring in customers. When you’re working for the betterment of specific social issues people are more likely to relate to your brand.

A brand that ties itself towards the upliftment of society is associated with a positive notation.